Niche Publishing

Publishing is changing fast, and the use of technology means that attention to details cannot be taken for granted anymore. We understand this very clearly, and always make it a point of strategy to constantly raising the bar in deliver high quality contents publishing for our clients.

For many of our high profile clients, such as Embassies, companies, associations and big foundations, we see the need to maintain the communication style and tone in their publications for their esteemed range of audience. When it comes to production of top quality brochures, newsletters, magazines, and executive desk promotional materials, we have a team of researchers, writers, copy writer, editors and graphic designers who’ll ensure that every piece of information is worth the penny and effort for our clients.


Our Publishing Brands

We have a range of published materials for a targeted audience including our delightful Vision & Focus Magazine, as well as two weekly Newspapers.



Marketing & PR Consultancy

Business Parks & Economic Zones:

We provide consultancy in marketing of an organization or a business destination, including newly launched economic zones and revitalized industrial or business parks. By working with you to implement an effective marketing strategy, you’d notice a significant return on investments by number of business and investment responses to our marketing drive within a short time.


Investment & Tourism Destinations:

Launching a marketing campaign that shows how your destination is ready for investments and tourism is not a walk in the park as many would think. What are the perks? What incentives are you offering? There must be quick-wins that readily sell your destination more than the nearest alternative. This is how we come in, by making sure that you put your best foot forward in terms of launching a well-thought out marketing campaign that will produce measurable results.


City Brand Development:

Not many cities and states can truly differentiate themselves in the global multi-brand environment of today. To compete for top talents and relocation of businesses, cities most take decisive steps to prove that it is not a mere spectator in the modern development agenda across the world. Only cities that can prove to visitors and investors that a collection of experiences it offers can attract and sustain desired economic activities that will spur growth for desired success. Let’s work with you to give your city a character the world will recognize it with.



  1. Event Support Services & Partnerships


  • Sideline Events at Major Summits:

Our experienced event team will assist your organization to plan and execute a focused sideline event at any of major international summits, such as World Bank IMF Spring Meetings, World Economic Forum, UN General Assembly etc. We have all it takes to ensure that your target objectives of hosting such event are realized at the most cost effective manner. Whether you are launching a new initiative, new policy or seeking international collaboration for a project, or even seeking to host international investors or partners, be rest assured we can give your organization or government desired outcome by hosting a sideline event at these top flight global summits.


  • Event Promotional Partnerships:

Well, it costs a lot trying to get events across to the right audience, especially if it is targeted at an upscale market. But with us, you may not need to worry about that because we have a high success rate of cutting through the noise of several events out there and get your event booked by the right caliber of audience. In Nigeria, we have secured participation of top CEOs, Entrepreneurs & Government officials to global summits across the world. This is mostly because they trust that our involvement in such events guarantees them of quality and value for money. We usually initiate targeted marketing, to enable us reach the right individuals based only interests and focus of the summits. We’ll only require your organization and planning to be of a certain standard, then you don’t have to worry about attendance of high profile guests.


  • Mega Events Planning & Strategy

Executing a successful mega event requires painstaking planning and a robust strategy that will deliver the best result. Big summits, conventions, conferences and major international exhibitions only succeed when all stakeholders are satisfied. This is why effective strategy is very important, whether we talk about budgeting, marketing, fund raising, publicity, staffing, logistics, and media production, there has to be strong connecting dots to ensure none of these is inadequately handled all through the planning and execution process.


  • Conference Participation Services

Our marketing communications team can help your organization achieve the best results in conferences and summits, by choosing the right communication elements and positioning your brand where you want it to be and host your booth visitors with a feel of your office environment. From booth selection, design, brand collaterals, ambience décor and general brand outlook, we will ensure that you will be full of smiles after the conference.